Digital Photography Tips – How to Take Portrait Photography

Digital Photography Tips – How to Take Portrait Photography

Ever wonder why other photographers can take great pictures with people? Don’t just be jealous of other people, you can have fun with portrait photography if you practice these tips.

1. The right mode

This is the simplest way to enhance your portrait images. Look at your camera settings, today’s digital cameras often come with a ‘portrait’ mode. When this is selected, your camera will automatically adjust the settings and provide you with the correct image.

2. Getting closer

Zoom in to your subject and try to blur the background to make your subject stand out. If you don’t, your viewers will be distracted by the background and confused by the message you want to convey with your image.

3. Spontaneous

You don’t have to be so serious about portrait photography. What you want is to capture a special moment. So, tilt your camera, zoom in, zoom out and you can even edit pictures. You can do anything as long as you catch the person’s expression at that moment.

4. Lighting

You need to be careful with lighting when taking portrait photos. If the light source is behind your subject, your subject will be darker. Unless you intentionally want to do that, otherwise you should take a look before you take the shot.

If you are using a flash, make sure you select the red eye off feature when you are shooting under low light. You don’t want your subject to look like the red eye monster in the image.

5. Position

New photographers like to take portrait photography with the subject in the center. There’s nothing wrong with that but your image might look better if you can get your subject to the side against a lightly blurred background. If you can do this well, you will be able to show a different perspective on your subject.

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